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Amanda Florian


Amanda Florian is an award-winning international journalist, filmmaker, singer, and media personality based between the U.S. & Shanghai, China. Fluent in Mandarin, Spanish, and all things tech, Florian’s unique background has allowed her to work on a variety of creative projects, including feature films, documentaries, news features, music videos, live performances, and more.




Amanda Florian grew up in the entertainment industry, training in classical Italian at the age of eight–and in musical theater and pop shortly thereafter. As a young girl, she’d frequently travel to NYC to train in theater, dance, and voice. Florian has performed on NBC, at The Billy Graham Library, and at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte. For over 11 years, she and her sisters volunteered to headline entertainment at the Festa Italiana, an annual festival in Charlotte that raises money for people with developmental disabilities. Florian entered the documentary film industry with her 23-minute short on homelessness in Johnson City, Tennessee. And in 2017, she devoted a year to traveling and documenting people, venturing all over the continent of Asia.

Florian now spends most of her time traveling around the globe as she reports on culture, technology, and China for a variety of outlets.

Amanda Florian (小爱)有超过10年的媒体、音乐、和电影制作经验。从小她的父母就知道她特别喜欢从事音乐和媒体,因为Florian一直在做有创意的事。她父亲鼓励她成为一名艺人。10岁起,她就在纽约市开始了她的演艺职业生涯。她上了许多不同的音乐节目,比如NBC Television, Ryan Seacrest Studios, 以及The Festa Italiana Charlotte。Florian自己制作的第一部电影《Someplace Like Home》,是一部长23分钟的纪录片,讲述无家可归的人在 Johnson City,Tennessee的日常生活。她2017年去了亚洲,探索世界,寻找新的灵感和创意。在亚洲的日子里,Florian专注于自媒体,写博客,发布照片,分享一路上的点点滴滴。同时,Florian为CNN, The Washington Post, USA TODAY, NBC, Discover Magazine,以及别的新闻公司,撰写文章并提供媒体材料。 近年来,Florian作为一名独立记者和新媒体研究者,主要研究和分析抖音和年轻人的关系。她和几位同事刚刚开创了 《上海拍手媒体技术有限公司》。


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Produced & Edited by Amanda Florian
In this episode, Amanda Florian heads to Charlotte, North Carolina, to explore a local Asian market.

“Amanda is the epitome of a creative in today’s generation.”

Noah Namwambe | Digital Strategist, Founder of Speak Empower

“I am impressed by her drive to excel and by her commitment to journalistic integrity.”

Megan Lott | The American Journalism Center in Washington, D.C. (formerly)

Hiring Amanda will net you an energetic, imaginative, resourceful & talented associate.”

Mal Kline | Accuracy in Academia


Open to freelance work, collaborations, & coffee.
For inquiries, please contact Amanda Florian at hello(at)amandaflorian(dot)com.